(+961) 1 496 194

Sin El Fil Boulevard, 4934 LES AMIS Bldg, Beirut, Lebanon

(+961) 1 496 194

Sin El Fil Boulevard, 4934 LES AMIS Bldg, Beirut, Lebanon

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Les Amis Boutique is a fashion retail company that engages in offering a range of garments and accessories targeted at females. Les Amis Boutique was born in the Lebanese market with prime location stand-alone shops and branches within leading department stores.

Les Amis aims at maintaining the highest standards in terms of customer service, quality of product, and a wide range selection to satisfy the needs of the target market. This also helps maintain the organization’s image and reputation in the Lebanese market.

Les Amis Boutique is an equal-opportunity employer. We value our team members as they are the company’s image and encourage their growth and promotion throughout their careers at Les Amis Boutique.  We also ensure thorough training for the retail team members as well as office team members.

We treat our customers with high priority and to serve them better and meet their expectations, we understand their lifestyle, experience, and needs.


We operate with perfection in every aspect, cherish beauty and style within the fashion industry, and aim to maintain our brand name and reputation.

In addition, we are seeking a franchisee to expand our company into different international markets around the world, thus creating a whole network for Les Amis Boutique.